Difference Between Management And Administration

What is the difference between management and administration?

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There are differences between management and administration, but sometimes we refer to "manager" and "administrators" interchangeably.  Strictly speaking, management involves the making of decisions to promote the goals of an entity, while administration involves seeing to it that the management decisions are carried out.  Here...

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baukausar | Student

Management is the process of working with and through others to effectively achieve the goals of the organization, by efficiently using limited resources in the changing worlds. According to F.W. Taylor, “Management is an art of knowing what to do, when to do and see that it is done in the best and cheapest way”. Most widely accepted functions of Management given by Koontz and O’ Donnel are Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling.

A manager is someone who plans and makes decisions, organizes, leads and controls human, financial, physical and informational resources. 
There are three types of managers, Top manager, middle manager and first line manager.
Functions of Top manager
  • create the organization’s goals, establishing plans, taking wide decisions like acquiring other companies, investing in research and development, entering or abandoning various markets and building new plants and office facilities, creating overall strategy and operating policies
  • monitor middle managers
  • officially represent the organization to external environment by meeting government officials, executives of other organizations and so forth
Functions of Middle manager
  • primarily responsible for implementing the policies and plans developed by top managers and for supervising and coordinating the activities of lower level managers 
  • manage and supervise the work of first-line managers
  • deal between first line and top line managers
  • responsible to find the best way to use departmental resources to achieve goals
Functions of First line manager
  • are at the lowest level of management and manage the work of non-managerial employee
  • supervise and coordinate the day-to-day activities of operating employees
If everything (from establishing goals & making plans to its implementation) is done by manager what is the necessity of administration?
lari | Student

It's full confusion. Someone writes 

Administration refers to the determination of major aims and policies.

'Management is concerned with the carrying out the operations ...

and someone'

"Management reports to Administration" 

and  someone -

"administrator is not a primary policy or decision-maker, while a manager is.  An administrator might make some decisions to implement the manager's policy's and decisions, but his or her authority is limited. "

"Administration is a subset of management."

Where to find out the right concept?

ibtiko | Student

Management involves decision making and control over the staff.

AS administration is over management it is the central department it involves hiring managers and dismissing them ,managers follow instructions and goals  set by administration

giriprasadkmpgc | Student

Administration refers to the determination of major aims and policies.

Management is concerned with the carrying out the operations designed to accomplish the aims.


  1. Determination of Objectives
  2. Thinking and determinative functions.
  3. Take major decisions about over enterprise.
  4. Planning and organizing functions involved.
  5. It coordinate finance, production and distribution


  1. Plans and actions
  2. Doing and executive function
  3. Takes decisions within the framework set by the admin.
  4. Motivating and controlling functions also involved.
  5. It uses organization for the achievement of the targets fixed by administration.


thisuserhasmadeabadusername | Student

Management enforces and makes decisions based on policies set by Administration.

Management reports to Administration, and Administration can also enforrce and make decisions on set policies, but this small-scale operation is not usually conducted by them

Administration makes big-time decisions, while management makes decisons on a smaller scale, although administration can do so also.

sabihakhtar | Student

Management is always taking decision while administration implement that decision.

idijohn | Student

Management and Administration may be used interchangably but the truth is they differ in practice.

An administrator is one who makes policies for the company. His job is more of thinking.

A manager's job is to make sure these policies are followed strictly.

The Administrator thinks of what is to be done while the manager thinks of who will do it and how he would do it.

The fact still remains that in practice they might not seperated literilly. They are all referred to as management.

Top Management are Administrators who do more of the thinking and poliy making while Low Level Management are refered to as Managers who enforce these polices and carryout job distribution.

ephirem | Student

Administration:it is concerned about the determination of objective and major policies.

Management:it puts into action the polices and plans laid down by administration.

krishna-agrawala | Student

As pointed out in previous answer, the terms management and administration may be used interchangeably, but as per current usage in management profession, that is more a case of inappropriate usage of these term rather than the terms having the same meaning.

Management is a term appropriate for all activities undertaken to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any kind of work. In contrast the word administration is used primarily for work concerned with maintaining discipline and order. Thus the work of government and many other public institutions is called administration. Even in business the activities that are primarily concerned with routines to maintain equity and discipline are labeled as administration function. Thus functions such as maintaining and operating facilities along with associated operations like attendance recording are usually called office administration. Also in matrix organizations this a concept of managerial responsibility. Thus a subordinate is reports to functional manager for functional supervision and guidance, while to project manager for administrative supervision.

Thus we may say that the administration forms to part management function. All that is administration is also management. But all that is management is not administration. Administration is a subset of management.

I believe that assertion made in previous post about difference between manager and administrator on the basis of responsibility for taking versus implementing decisions are not in line with common management practice or literature.

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