What is difference between Management Process & Management Functions?I m confused to understand difference between Management Process & Management Functions. Are these same thing? I studied...

What is difference between Management Process & Management Functions?

I m confused to understand difference between Management Process & Management Functions. Are these same thing? I studied different authors. Everyone explains it in its own way

krishna-agrawala | Student

General meaning of the terms function and process given in the answer posted above are quite correct. However these terms as applied to management have specific meanings which are quite different from those mentioned in answer above.

The term process of management process is used to describe the overall process of management applicable to management of all types of work, including that of business, industry, agriculture, government, or any other organization. Different authors and experts have defined the steps of this process in somewhat different ways. In general this process consists of following steps.

  1. Planning or decision making:This also includes objective setting.
  2. Organizing: This also includes Staffing
  3. Leading or Motivating
  4. Controlling: This includes monitoring and evaluating.

As per general usage in management, each step of the management process described above is called a separate management function, and collection of all the functions of management process covers the complete scope of management.

However management functions has other meanings. That is the complete field of management may may be divided in separate functions according to different classification criteria. Some of the commonly used classification of management functions include the following.

  • Business function classification: For example classification in business functions like Marketing and HRM. Each of these functions of management may be further divided in sub-functions. For example the illustrative list of duties given in the answer above may all be considered sub-functions within HRM function.
  • Management level  classification: Such as top- middle- and lower-management.
  • Line and staff functions.
  • Focus of overall versus detail: For example strategic management, management planning, and operational management.
dbdwoods | Student

A process is a path to completion or a procedure when folowed will have a repeatable result.

A function is an attribute or a feature that make the whole more workable or tolerable or complete the whole's responsibilities.


Management Processes would be the Company rules they go by to perform their jobs.

Management Functions are their assigned duties, daily management of teams, interviewing, hiring, firing, promoting just the things that make them management instead of laborer.

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