What is the difference between love and friendship?What is the difference between love and friendship?

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Love has many different definitions. It can refer to romantic, sexual and passionate attachment (as in, "I'm in love with him), or it can refer to a feeling of deep and abiding affection and care for another. There are many distinctions. Love as romantic attachment requires sexual passion. Friendship does not. Even love as deep and abiding affection is different from friendship. One difference is scope. It is possible to love an entire group of community, perhaps even to love everyone. When we hear Mother Theresa or Gandhi profess a universal love for all human beings, it makes sense. To profess friendship with every human on the planet doesn't make much sense. Friendship requires a personal intimacy that cannot be universalized. In addition, friends usually share similar experiences, interests and hobbies. You may love your great-grandfather deeply, but it's unlikely that you'd identify him as a friend.

danielledafgard | Student

devotion and commitment.

rosemaya | Student

love is a heartful feeling of obsession and friendship is a heartful feeling of mutal affection.