what is the difference between john wise, john, winthrop, john adams is what they believed?political science

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All three men resided in Massachusetts during colonial times. 

John Wise (1652-1755) was a clergyman that resisted British taxation and wrote about his ideas on civil government, as well as religious hierarchy. 

A Vindication of the Government of New-England Churches (1717): A Facsimile ReproductionBy John Wise

John Winthrop (1588-1649) Help to found the Massachusetts Bay colony in 1630.  He spread puritan ideals.  One of his speeches referring to the city on the hill, he advocates for the wealthy helping the poor.  Winthrop was tied to puritan beliefs, and he did not support democracy because it was not in line with the church.

John Adams (1735-1826) The second President of the newly formed United States, also resided in Massachusetts.  A lawyer who defended the soldiers of the Boston Massacre, he was very tied to the law.  As the times turned before the Revolution, Adams became a central figure in the Revolution and its aftermath.  He believed in democracy and valued its principles, although he did not trust several political players of the time. 

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