what is the difference between john wise, john adams, john winthrop in their beliefs

mdmoynahan | Student

These individuals lived during different points in time from the initial settlement of the "New World" until the early years of the United States government and therefore have varying views about the role and nature of government for those reasons.  John Winthrop (1587-1649) was a puritan and one of the original members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony ,becoming its Governor in 1629.  Winthrop held many anti-democratic views and actually considered democracy to be the meanest form of government. John Wise (1652- 1725) was a Congregationalist reverend and also political leader in Massachusetts.  He is most noted for leading protests against British taxation in 1688.  John Adams (1735-1826) also from Massachusetts, considered to be among the founding fathers certainly would have been sympathetic with Wise's beliefs on taxation by the British.  However, as the second President of the U.S., John Adams passed the vary unpopular Sedition Acts which lasted from 1798 to 1801, which made it a crime to speak out against the government.  These laws were later appealed under Thomas Jefferson.  Wise would have most likely disagreed with the Sedition Acts since they fought to undermine civil liberties that were included in the constitution in 1787.     

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