What is the difference between intelligence, education, and knowledge?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Intelligence has more than one definition and not a single one is accepted as "the one", but it conveys the capacity to obtain and process information which can be applied to prior knowledge. It is your cognitive potential. Intelligence can also be information itself.

Education is the process through which a person uses his or her cognitive potential to process new information. With enough intelligence and pertinent, relevant,and good teaching strategies, education can lead to acquiring new knowledge. The ultimate goal of education is to instill and create new behavioral patterns of thought and action.

Knowledge is the combination of experiences stored in the long term memory center of the human brain. It is the result of exposure and interaction, which construct upon prior knowledge to establish connections that would make the information make sense.

In the case of Pygmalion, all three are used to adapt the main character to acquire a new behavior. This is one of the most imperative aspects of the learning process.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is a clear difference between intelligence and the other two, and some difference between education and knowledge.

Intelligence is a talent that is (to varying degrees) within each person.  It is very hard to define intelligence well, but in general, it is the ability to use your brain, to be able to figure things out.

Knowledge is different.  It is just the sum of things that you know.  You can know many things without being intelligent as long as you are able to memorize things.  You may know a lot of things, but be unable to really use your brain to figure out solutions to problems.

Education is generally the way that you gain knowledge.  It is the way that you are exposed to facts.  Education may also encourage you to exercise your intelligence and become better at using your brain.

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

That is a good question. I think you will get many different answers, but here is my opinion. Intellligence measures aptitude, that is, sheer brain power or we can call this IQ. Education is different, because this talks about formal learning. So, a person can be educated, but not intelligent. An example of this might be a wealthy person with the best private school education with little intelligence. And someone can be intelligent without much education. For example, this may happen to someone without opportunities. Knowledge is related to education, because the outcome of education is knowledge.

ars | Student

education is based on theoratical knowledge, it bind our intelligence within a critria,and fix our knowledge on the other hand knowledge enable us to fight with our problems but it is not necessary that at all time we use our knowledge successfully but intelligence is the thing that enable us to use our knowledge appropriately on the right occasion