what is the difference between hypothesis and theory? what is the difference between theory and experiment? what is the difference between law and theory?  

kazmig | Student

Hypothesis is the an idea and when hypothesis is conformed by some cojent reason it is called theory.An idea came into the minde of Newton that energy can be made by mass and other meterial it was hypothesis and when he proved that experimently it was given the name " The theopy of Relitivity".

To achieve a theory we go through the process of experiments.Lets assume ther was a scientist who wants to make natural salt from chemical elements.He made several experimets to make salt severl times he mixed different chemical substances with each other.Once he combined one element of sodium and one of choloride, he got his desired salt. All other proceducers were experiments. But the producer( Experement) of mixing sodium and chloride, which achieved the desired result will be called theory. Now this will be a theory that when ever you will mix one atom of sodium with one atom of chloride it will make natural salt will be known as " theory".And other experiments which have not brought the result of natural are just simple experements.

Science is a knowledge achieved by man through keen observation and proved experimently.

When ever a theory is repeated in said circumstancess and brings the same result is called law.

If we  add one atom of sodium to one atom of calcium many times and we get same result every time it will be called law.




kazmig | Student

Idea is called hypothesis and when an idea is proved by cojent reason is called theory. When Newton thought that energy can be produced by mass and other things it was a hypothesis and when after experiments Newton achievd equation E=mcc it became theory.It is necessory for a theory to be proved by reason.

To attain theory we made several experiments e.g we want to make natural salt and we made 20 experements of mixing different atoms of different elements after 20 attempts when  we mixed one atom of sodium wth one atom of choloride we got natural salt.This experiment of sodium+choloride will be known as theory.

Na+Cl--------------->NaCl ( Natural Salt or sodium chloride)

If we add twenty times one atom of sodium and one atom of choloride and every time we have natural salt this will be called law.

we know that    1+1=2   and if we repeat this process several times and we have same answer i.e 2 it will be called 1+1 law.


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