What is the difference between a hormone and an enzyme

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i need to add one more point to the above answer that

hormones are secreted by ductless glands while enzymes are secreted by glands having ducts.

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The enzymes are present in heterocrine gland also as the first answer is partial true as pancreas is both enocrine and edocrine as it produces enzymes as well as hormone (I.e. amylase,trypsin and lipase as also Insulin hormone


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Enzymes are catalysts that speed up the metabolic reactions like digestion of food. They are released by glands like pancreas, liver and gall-bladder.


Hormones are chemicals that are released by glands, that sends out messages when a cell is affected in any part of body.


  1. Hormones carry messages from one part to another part of body when a cell is affected where as, enzymes do not travel to other parts and work on specific locations.
  2. Enzymes are biological catalysts released by glands where as hormones are chemicals released by glands.
  3. The main function of enzymes is to speed up different metabolic reactions where as, hormones main function is to carry messages to other parts of the body when a cell is affected.
  4.  Hormones perform reactions a little away from its origin where as, enzymes perform reactions from where they originate.
krishna-agrawala | Student

Enzymes and hormones are both groups of chemicals that are produced in the body of plants and animals that help to regulate the various functions of the theses living beings. However, there is a distinct difference between these two type of substances and the way they work.

Hormones are substances that act as messenger of information that regulate the timing and speed of the processes that take place in the body. But hormones do not take part in the chemical processes responsible for such functioning. In contrast enzymes act like catalyst that take part in the chemical processes. Without them the chemical processes will not take place at all or will be too slow.

Different type of hormones are produced in different organs. Each type of hormone different body activities. The organ where a hormone is produced and where is is used are always different. In this way hormones provide a means of communication among various parts of an organism.

Enzymes are a substances made by all living cells. These consist of thousands of different kinds of protein molecule.  Enzyme molecules function by altering other molecules.  They combine with other molecules to form a complex molecular structure in which chemical reactions take place.

Each of the thousands of different kinds of enzymes does one specific job.  Without enzymes the body functions such as breathing, vision, movement and digestion will be impossible.

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