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What is the difference between federal government and the federal constitution?

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There is a difference between the federal government and the federal constitution. The Constitution is a plan of government for the United States. It was written because the first plan, the Articles of Confederation, was not working. We had many problems in our country because the government created by the Articles of Confederation was too weak. Thus, a meeting was held in Philadelphia, called the Constitutional Convention, to write a new plan of government.

The federal government was created by the Constitution. The federal government was divided into three branches. These branches had different jobs and could control each other. The legislative branch makes the laws. The executive branch carries out the laws. The judicial branch interprets the laws. The federal government created by the Constitution had much more power than that the government that existed under the Articles of Confederation. For example, Congress could levy taxes and print money. Thus, the federal government was created when the Constitution was written and eventually ratified.

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