What is the difference between 'fair' and 'equal'? Is the law fair? Expand.

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In theory, everyone is entitled to fair treatment under the law regardless of race, class, gender or beliefs.

Here is an example from the classroom.

1. A special needs student gets test accommodations in the form of a scribe because he has dysgraphia (trouble writing). This is fair; he is getting an equal chance do do well on a test.

2. Everyone who turns in their essay late loses five points a day. This is equal; everyone is receiving the same consequence.

Another example:

1. A man and a woman who do the same job should be paid the same salary. This is equal pay for equal work.

2. Of two people who do the same job and have a chance to earn a bonus, the person who does a better job should earn the bonus. This is fair because he/she has worked harder and done a better job.

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