What is the difference between 'fair' and 'equal'? Is the law fair? Expand.

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dkgarran eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In theory, everyone is entitled to fair treatment under the law regardless of race, class, gender or beliefs.

Here is an example from the classroom.

1. A special needs student gets test accommodations in the form of a scribe because he has dysgraphia (trouble writing). This is fair; he is getting an equal chance do do well on a test.

2. Everyone who turns in their essay late loses five points a day. This is equal; everyone is receiving the same consequence.

Another example:

1. A man and a woman who do the same job should be paid the same salary. This is equal pay for equal work.

2. Of two people who do the same job and have a chance to earn a bonus, the person who does a better job should earn the bonus. This is fair because he/she has worked harder and done a better job.

iambarney155 | Student

Both of my parents are lawyers and i plan on being one let me take a crack at this

Fair means that things are free of bias,  or that every fits basically, there is no corruption or wrong doing. The government is fair, and  law is equal. The court system is designed to be free of extremes but not really fair. Since we have so many people defining the law and there definitions differ it would be hard to call it fair. yes in theory people are treated equally. im sure that there are example of people being treated unequaly but for the most part in terms of goverment people are treated equally.