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What is the difference between empiricism and rationalism ?

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Empiricism is a school of philosophy which holds that ultimate reality is derived from sense experience. As a philosophy it's closely allied with the methodology of natural science. The only kind of knowledge that matters for the empiricist is that which can be formally measured or verified. Everything that comes to our minds does so through the senses; our whole mental life is therefore derived from our sense experience. As such, we have no innate ideas; our daily experience simply writes itself upon the blank minds with which we are born. This process explains how we derive knowledge of the world outside us. Without sense experience there can be no knowledge.

Rationalism, on the other hand, does believe that there is indeed such a thing as a priori  knowledge. That is to say we can have knowledge of certain and indubitable truths from the exercise of our reason, prior to sense experience. A paradigm example of this would be mathematics, where we don't need to rely on our senses to...

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