What is the difference between education and schooling?Please give examples and explain.

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Education" is the inclusive term, whereas “schooling” is simply one way to get “educated”.  For example, apprentice programs, internships, hands-on training, experience, are all kinds of education.  “Schooling” refers to a structured schedule of institutionalized steps toward a larger goal: certification in a discipline, usually signified by a degree or diploma that attests to having completed a series of graduated steps from introduction to mastery.  Also, education has as a connotation the skill of methodologies – in other words, one learns not just the “facts” and terminology of a discipline, but more importantly, one learns how to use the “tools” – logic, taxonomy, outlining, etc. – ways of knowing -- as well as the details of the discipline.  In college, for example, the first two years concentrate on the general larger methodologies, while the last two years, and the post-graduate years, concentrate on details.

arjun | Student

Education is light or idea that is got in Schools by the teachers and the prevailed environment.So,it depends on teachers and whereabout of the school.Schooling means the students who always go to school to live in that environment and are taught by the teachers.They are taught education.That'swhy the both are connected and never be separated.

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