Early Vedic Period And Later Vedic Period

What is the difference between early vedic period and later vedic period?

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The early Vedic period is marked by the infiltration of Aryan peoples into the Indian sub-continent and their interaction with the Dravidian people. Aryans spread into the Ganges River valley about 1000 B.C.E. About that time, they developed the use of iron tools and weapons. They used iron axes to clear forests for agriculture; and as their agricultural practices flourished, their population grew immensely. As their populations grew, their political structure evolved also. The local chiefdoms became kingdoms ruled by kings in permanent cities. These kings depended on the services of...

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         --In the EARLY VEDIC period:Family was hte basic unit.Women enjoyed equal rights.rigid caste system did not prevail.Gurukul system of education.food included milk,barley,rice,friut,vegetable and meat.... WHile in the LATER VEDIC PERIOd-Joint family system prevailed.Significant decline in status of women.The caste system was beciming rigid.Gurukul system was further enlarged.Consumption of meat was reduced.

        --In the EARLY VEDIC perid:Worship of nature and natural phenomenon prevailed,there are 33 vedic gods like Indra,Agni,Varuna, Mitra,Surya,etc.....While in the LATER VEDIC period:Religion became more complexe.New gods like Prajapati Breahma;Rama and Krishna as incarnation of Vishnu and Shiva came to be worshiped.

        --In the EARLY VEDIC period: Absence of temples and idols,Hyms were chanted in the open.Worship of fore-fathers and belief in life after death prevailed.......While in the LATER VEDIC period:Brahmans introduced many rituals and made their position secure .Faith in superstitions and spells incerased.New principles like penance,doctrines of Karma,transmigration and salvtion developed.


        --In the beginning the main occupation was domestication of animals and agriculture was secondary.Cattle was important source of wealth.Many ingaged in trade and commerce.Dyeing,embroidery, carpentary,weaving.pottery,gold and black smiths were important occupations.....While in the LATER VEDIC period:Treders guilds had come up and trade hed become very important.Besides occupation of earlier period,many new occupations like physicians, musicians and many other professions emerged.