What is the difference between conservatism and liberalism?

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There is a big difference between conservatism and liberalism. Conservatives tend to have a distrust of the federal government. They want policies that involved the federal government as little as possible in the economy, in business, and in their lives. They tend to support laissez-faire policies with the economy. They want the power of the federal government to be limited and split between the state governments and the federal government. Conservatives tend to have strong religious values and often don’t support changes that may be viewed as extreme. Conservatives are against policies that tax the rich at higher rates. They tend to be supportive of the police having broad power to dealing with criminal activity. They also tend to support vouchers for private religious schools.

Liberals, on the other hand, believe government must have a bigger role in our economy. They believe that if the government doesn’t regulate businesses and our economy, that businesses will act in their best interests instead of what is best for the consumers. They believe the government should support people who need help by having a lot of social programs. These programs would provide aid to the poor and funding to public schools. Liberals believe the government shouldn’t be involved in religious issues. Liberals wouldn’t support government vouchers for religious schools. 

There are significant differences between liberals and conservatives.

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