What is the difference between communities,ecosystems and biomes?

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A population is a group of the same species.  These populations come together to form a community.  The community exists within an ecosystem that supports the lives of species that inhabit it.  The ecosystem consists of the community of living species as well as the non-living environmental factors (air, sunlight, rocks, ground, etc...)that create the environment for the community.  Biomes are a collection of ecosystems that similar environmental factors and communities that they can exist in the same geographic location.  Biomes are large.  There are 7 major biomes:  coniferous forest, deciduous forest, desert, grassland, rainforest, shrubland, and tundra.

Here is an example.  Suppose a family of squirrels has built a nest in an oak tree.  There is also a nest of bald eagles in the treetops.  Moss grows on the bark on the tree.  The squirrels, the eagles, and the moss come together on this tree to form a community.  This community along with environmental factors, such as rain fall, temperature, etc... make up the ecosystem for this community.  When these ecosystems combine, they form the biome of a deciduous forest.

I have included a world map of the major biomes.