What is the difference between commonly used energy production, and a “Positive Energy Loop?” “The Flash Steam Cell System” directs each of three forms of energy back into the system with...

What is the difference between commonly used energy production, and a “Positive Energy Loop?”

“The Flash Steam Cell System” directs each of three forms of energy back into the system with nothing lost.  By using electricity to make steam, “Torque” is produced with no fire, no pollution and no fossil fuel.  Please see my explanation.

Hi People,
A new miracle ... This is a note I sent to Obama ... Please tell me if you get this.
Please President Obama;
If you can hear anything above the roar of politics and money, please listen to some common sense ... I can help with everything on your plate.
I have discovered a better way to produce energy.  I'm not a weird-do, I am an old man who has been to school and I have found something so wonderful and bazar that no one can believe it.  Please take a few minutes to see the math of my numbers.

I call it “The Flash Steam Cell System”, you can see my lame video on You Tube, but I must show you the numbers.  Here is my explanation;

.The Explanation

Maybe I have the answer why.  There has always been the Elephant in the room, “The Basic Law of Physics”, that says I can’t!  That is enough to stop most folks in their tracks.


I believe that the basic law is miss interpreted in this case and only applies to the use of one or two forms of energy, (perpetual motion, magnetism etc) while we commonly use “three forms of energy” all the time to generate our power, such as wind, torque and electricity; gravity and fuel,  "BUT,"  something is “always lost.”  It is not logical to pump the water back up to the top of the dam, the burning of fossil fuel etc, one of the forms of energy is always expended in the event.

The Flash Steam Cell System actually uses three forms of natural energy, steam, torque and electricity which by definition automatically nullifies the basic law of physics.  And by directing all forms back into the system with “nothing lost” they actually enhance each other to create a

“Positive EnergyLoop.”


Ten years just to figure out why …

- - - - - - - -  

I have found that it is very efficient to make “steam” with “electricity”, by injecting “Hot Water” on to a hot electric coil it is very controllable.  This is a note I sent to my Senator, he sent his secretary :-)  who had not a clue what I said.

Dear Senator Merkley,                                  4/25/13

Believe me I understand about the huge number of wackos out there and I know my Steam Cell sounds like all the rest, (maybe?) so please let me show you some numbers.  In the example I show in the video these numbers would apply.


#1  The sealed water loop is recycled from water to steam and then back to water then steam etc.  In a short time the entire loop will be a minimum of 207 degrees.  This means the water temp will only have to be raised a few degrees to become steam again and expand by 1600 times the volume in seconds.

1 cu in of water + 5 degrees = 1600 cu in steam.

#2  “The Simple Paddle Wheel Turbine” will collect all of the steam pressure with little by-pass and convert it to “Torque” on a 12” diameter impeller.  (1/2 foot radius)

Torque = X sq in of pressure, vertical to the shaft/2 ,

Or 6 sq in x 100 lbs/sq in = 600 /2 = 300 ft lbs torque!

Each paddle or sealed cup has 6 sq in on the face vertical to the shaft.  Each cup has a total volume of 8 cu in under full pressure, and there are eight cups = 64 cu in per revolution under full load.  That = 64,000 cu in at 1000RPM

64,000 cu in steam = less than three cups of water/minute.

#3  “The Flash Steam Cell” has no water level.  The temp of the steam inside can climb to 300 or more degrees.  All water injected into the hot steam will “steam” immediately.  Working near the same principle as your coffee-maker in the kitchen, the steam cell heats the water one drop at a time.  The drops and all moister is directed to the “heat-core”, which is a 220 Volt coil.  The very principle of the FSC speaks to high heat and high pressure steam.  100 lbs/sq in is easy.

The 110V coffee maker boils 12 cups in 8 minutes … but it must raise the water temp from 60 degrees to 212 …

#4  The generator;  A simple portable generator maybe 10,000 watts max.  Must produce 220 volts.  Simply remove the gasoline engine (15 HP?) and belt-drive it from the Turbine.



The steam pressure, torque,RPMand power are limitless when we use electricity to make steam with the FSCS.

With less energy required to make a pot of coffee “The Flash Steam Cell System” can produce 3oo ft/lbs of torque at 1000RPMto a shaft with unlimitedRPM. 

Only one moving part!  

The FSCS is a sealed unit, totally safe, low temp, low pressure, uses NO fuel, has No fire, No Oxygen and NO Pollution!

It could be built to power anything from a scooter or to replace a “Big Nuke Generator!”

All of my calculations are based on a minimal potential that I can achieve with my “flint stone” capabilities.  Modern Tech could maximize this … if some one could see what I’m saying.

Please disregard the books and the laws and everything that you know for just a few seconds and see that for “what-ever” reason “This is a Real Miracle!”  What if I’m right? I will build this thing and tell my story and you could really help … I don’t have much time … Thank you all 

Teddy Daw    


What would it cost you to examine and discuss this with me??  

- - - - - - - 

Please take a moment to see why I have sent this to you, I need help to show this to the world.   J 

World Peace must be promoted with the most powerful thing in the world, and that would not be a Bomb, "our mind."  Our mind-set or ideology can sweep over the land like a tide, with hate and destruction as we see, or with love, love of ourselves and this wonderful world that God has offered us.

Thank you so much for your time sir, May God Bless All

Teddy Daw                     

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