What is the difference between classical and modern liberalism?

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Since the dawn of America, the political groups of Conservative and Liberal have both made some drastic changes. What is interesting is how different classical liberalism is from its descendant, modern liberalism. Historically, classical liberalism was much more laissez-faire in nature, taking the approach of personal liberties above governmental regulation, except in the financial arena. This has vastly changed in modern times.

Ever since roughly the FDR era, modern liberalism has been much more proactive, advocating that the government support, employ, finance, or otherwise aid various groups. The end result has become a group that is much more interested in an expansive government offering funding or defining rights and laws, instead of a small government concerned primarily with maintaining internal peace and international relations. This modern liberalism is defined by “Big Government,” or a powerful government that is very active in everyday affairs.

Classical liberals...

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