What is the difference between cartilage and bones?

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Cartilage and bone are stiff tissues which form the essential structural form of animals. Though both of them serve many common functions they are also different in many ways.

Cartilage consists of cells called chondrocyte, and materials produced by the chondrocytes called collagen and elastin fibers. Bones are made of a bodily tissue called osseous tissue and instead of collagen as in cartilage bones are made up of calcium compounds. Bones also contain centers for production of cells and storage of minerals. Cartilage is the slowest tissue to grow and if damaged repairs itself at the slowest rate.

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Cartilage are soft tissues and flexible. When a baby is born he usually consists of cartilage instead of bones as to make delivery possible because it bends easily without being injured. But when a cartilage is injured its repair takes time. 

Where as bones supports our muscular system. Bones are strong and perform various functions like storage of minerals, producing blood cells, etc.

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