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what is the difference between an animal cell and a plant cell?

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Animal cells and plants cells have the following differences:

  • Size: An animal cell (10-30 'mum') is smaller than a plant cell (10-100 `mum`).
  • Cell wall: plant cells have a cellulosic cell wall, which is absent in the case of animal cells. The plasma membrane serves as the outermost boundary for an animal cell.
  • Chloroplast: The presence of chloroplast enables photosynthesis in plant cells and it is absent in animal cells.
  • Vacuole: A mature plant cell has a large vacuole, whereas animal cells may contain a number of small vacuoles.
  • Location of nucleus: in plant cells, it lies on one side in peripheral cytoplasm, whereas in animal cells, it is generally in the center.
  • Reserve food form: plant cells store reserve food in the form of starch, whereas animal cells contain reserved food as glycogen.
  • Lysosomes: are absent in plant cells, whereas they are present in animal cells.
  • cytokinesis method: in plant cells, cytokinesis occurs by cell plate method, whereas in animal cells, it occurs by construction or furrowing.¬†

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stephvn | Student

1. Plant cells have a cell wall; animal cells do not.

2. Animal cells have lysosomes; plant cells do not.

3. Plant cells have chloroplasts; animal cells do not.

4. Vacuoles are present in all plant cells, as one large organelle. Not all animal cells have vacuoles, but if they do they are smaller than those in plant cells, and there are multiples of them.

martiniquez | Student

The shape of an animal cell is round and irregular, they do not have a cell wall or chloroplasts. Plants cell have fixed, rectangular shape and they have a cell wall and chloroplasts.

rozinaakhter1768 | Student

Plant cells have a nucleus at the down while animal cells generally have it at the centre.Plant cells have chloroplast which is commonly known as chlorophyll but animal cells do not chloroplasts.Plants cells have cell wall whereas animal cells do not have it.Plant cells get turgid when placed in concentrated water solutions,get plasmolysed and wilt and animal cells especially red blood cells haemolise meaning the burst due to the absence of this cell wall.Animal cell do not have vacuole while plant cells do have it.

oneteach | Student

The  existence of a cell wall is the basic difference.