What is the difference between amoeba and spyrogyra?

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jgeertz eNotes educator| Certified Educator


Amoeba and spyrogyra are both members of the protista kingdom.

Amoeba are single-celled microscopic living organisms that mainly live in water. Amoeba reproduce asexually by a process called binary fission. Amoeba feed on algae and bacteria. Cytoplasm engulfs the food source into a food vacuole where enzymes digest it. Respiration in amoeba is carried out by simple diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the amoeba's cytoplasm and the surrounding water.

Spyrogyra is a filamentous algae commonly found in water. Spyrogyra contain chlorophyll and utilize photosynthesis to make food. Spyrogyra's structure consists of chain-like long strands of cells.  Each cell has a nucleus, cytoplasm, and chloroplast. Reproduction takes place asexually through fragmentation or sexually through a process called conjugation.

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