What is the difference between 'aid' and 'international aid' ?

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This question about aid versus international aid is an important one in the world as more disasters happen and more people suffer because of them. To give aid to a country or to an area of your own country is to help them with money, materials, health supplies, shelter etc. which helps the people survive. International aid is when several or many nations pledge to help a country which is trying to survive a disaster. This year has been a prime example of disasters such as Hurricane Sandy on our shores, and the damage done to Haiti during its latest round of disasters. When a couple of countries pledge help like scent dogs hunting for bodies, or money or tents for shelter, other countries feel more like giving much like if you see the college roommate helping at a food shelter, you might consider donating your time. The word international means among nations, so the aid is from more than one nation, and usually a more coordinated effort.

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