Abraham Lincoln's Presidency

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What is the difference between Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson?

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Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln shared a number of superficial similarities: both men practiced law for a time; both came from relatively humble backgrounds to ascend to the highest office in the land; both generated a good deal of controversy throughout their remarkable political careers. Beyond that, the differences between them were far greater. In terms of personality, for instance, Jackson and Lincoln were like night and day. Jackson was notorious for his hair-trigger temper, whereas Lincoln was renowned for his generally calm and placid demeanor.

As members of different parties—Jackson was a Democrat, Lincoln a Republican—the two men had radically differing attitudes toward issues of national policy. During his time in office, Jackson became an implacable foe of the Second National Bank. Like many in his party, Jackson saw the Bank as favoring the wealthy east coast financial and commercial elite at the expense of agricultural interests, mainly in...

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