What did Zero tell Mr. Pendanski that he likes to do in Sachar's Holes?

Expert Answers
parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Zero (Hector Zeroni) told the boys' supervisor Mr. Pendanski that he liked to dig holes.  This is ironic because digging holes all day long in a parched, desertic land in the middle of nowhere (ironically called 'Camp Green Lake') is more of a punishment than anything else (although Mr Pendanski tires to convince the boys that it "builds character").

Zero and Stanley Yelnats become best friends at this "reform camp" and strike a deal that if Stanley teaches Zero to read, Zero will help Stanley dig his daily hole. This they do, but that Hector learning how to read is not all that happens as a result.  To find out the big surprise, read this delightful book. It is not only great fun but raises a lot of important issues as well. (There is a film out, too, if you want to take a shortcut.)

enoterloveletter | Student

He said that he liked holes which is an unusual answer for people like him as it was meant to be a punishment digging holes everyday.