What did the young lady tell Framton about the open window?

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The young lady Vera tells Framton a scary shaggy-dog story. She tells him that, three years ago, her aunt's husband and her two young brothers went out for a day's shooting. While out on the moors, all three men became trapped in a deep, treacherous bog, from which they never escaped. To this day, their bodies have never been discovered.

Yet Vera gives the impression that her aunt is still in denial, deeply traumatized by her loss. She seems to think that one day all the men will return home with the little brown spaniel that was lost with them. In the past, whenever they came home from a day's hunting, the men would always walk through the large French window that opens on to the lawn. And so Vera's aunt always leaves open the French window every evening until dusk, hoping against hope that they'll walk through it some day. Vera also claims—with a perfectly straight face—that she gets a creepy feeling that the men will indeed return at any moment.

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