What did you think of the movie Super Size Me?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I did not think much of this movie.  It seemed to me like a complete statement of the obvious and one whose conclusions were overdrawn.

The impression I got from the movie was that Spurlock was trying to make three points.  He was trying to say that we have an obesity crisis in the United States.  He was trying to say that fast food (in particular McDonald’s) is bad for you.  Finally, he was trying to say that the big companies that own the fast food chains have too much power and need to be stopped from creating and encouraging our obesity crisis.

I was not impressed for two reasons.  First, I would argue that Spurlock’s whole experiment is completely exaggerated.  Spurlock did not just eat at McDonald’s.  Instead, he totally overate at McDonald’s.  He consumed 5000 calories a day and did not exercise.  It is not likely that anyone would think that you could do this and remain healthy.  Therefore, he did not, to me, make the point he seems to be trying to make.  The message to me was that if you try to make yourself unhealthy, you can easily do so.  Second, I have a hard time with the idea that it is the fast food companies’ fault that we are fat.  We choose what we eat and it is our choices that make us fat. 

Thus, I was not impressed with the movie because I felt that it was exaggerated and that its message was not the one we need to hear.  We need to hear that obesity comes about because of our own choices, not because of what corporate food chains are doing.

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