What did you like/dislike about this book? What made you react strongly? Did it make you think about your own society?I want to know how and what people feel and think when they read this book

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Personally, I enjoyed the fact that "The Giver" was incredibly thought provoking and that it could be applied to many different elements in societies across the world.  There are societies that exist where the government or leadership, in the name of fairness, protection, and creating a happier society, take over a lot of decision making for its people.  "The Giver" asks the question:  Is a society like this truly happier?  Can you feel true joy if don't feel true pain?  These are profound questions to ponder.  Sometimes, in order to protect ourselves from suffering, we also eliminate some of the more intense moments of joy. 

One thing that I reacted strongly to was the treatment of the elderly.  The elderly people just went away, and they got to choose when to do that; the entire thing was a deception.  I took umbrance to the fact that the elderly were considered an unvaluable part of society, and so were removed.  I see our society heading this direction though; youth rarely value the wisdom, life experience and insights that the elderly have.  The youth see them as unimportant.  I feel that teaching youth to value the elderly more would be a good thing in our society.