In Trifles, what did the women find in the kitchen to determine Mrs. Wright's guilt?give 5 examples and their meaning

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can get you started with these examples and explanations of them. 

The women found a quilt that had not yet been pieced together.  The pieces indicate Minne's frame of mind since her stitches were even and neat in some pieces and very loose and erratic in others.

They found her sewing box with the dead canary lovingly wrapped up in a piece of silk.  This indicates that she loved the bird and planned to bury it since she didn't just toss it out.

They found the birdcage with the broken door which gave the women the hint that there was a bird.  The broken door indicates that there was an act of violence by a human...a cat couldn't yank the door like that.

They also note that her fruit jars are broken from the freeze and that the table is half wiped, half covered in flour which indicates she was in her baking day.  They comment on how she was usually a good housekeeper, but the disarray of things hints that Minnie was troubled by something.

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