What did Violet and Celyndia do to earn money in Amos Fortune, Free Man?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Violet and Ceylinda earn money by being weavers.

Violet Fortune is Amos Fortune’s third wife.  He buys her from James Baldwin, along with her daughter Ceylinda.  Although Violet has been a slave, she soon learns what it is like to be free alongside Amos.   

Violet does not want her daughter Ceylinda to grow up illiterate like she is, so she sends her to school.  Ceylinda would rather weave.

But she was happiest when sitting beside the loom watching violet weave or sitting at the loom and weaving herself. (p. 149)

Amos learned how to be a tanner when he himself was a slave.  His master, Ichabod Richardson, taught him and he used the trade to support himself as a free man.  Violet helps him with tanning and she and her daughter learn to weave.  She convinces Amos to buy land so the family can have financial security.

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