What did Victor do when the creature followed him to his bedroom in Frankenstein?

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In the novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein creates a monster. His dreams of reanimating life come true two years after his initial quest.  After seeing the eyes of the monster he brought to life, Victor fled his flat. Ending up close to a Swiss coach, Victor finds that his childhood friend, Clerval has come to see him.

Fearfully, Victor and Clerval return to Victor's apartment. Victor is afraid that he will not only see the abomination, he is also fearful that Clerval will see the monster and know what he has done. Once in the apartment, Victor regains his composure upon realizing that both his apartment and his bedroom are empty; the monster is gone.

After entering his bedroom, Victor believes that he sees the monster enter the room.

—Oh, save me! save me!” I imagined that the monster seized me; I struggled furiously, and fell down in a fit.

Victor, seized by the horror of seeing the monster again, fell into a nervous fever which was responsible for keeping him sick for many months.

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