What did the USA gain in World War I?

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The United States was not in World War I for any kind of material or territorial gain.  Therefore, it did not gain in any tangible way from fighting in the war.  It got no new territory and no indemnities from the losers.

The US did gain, though, in two ways.  First, it gained economically through its trade with and loans to Great Britain.  Second, it gained in international prestige.  Before the war, the US was really not much of a player on the international stage.  By participating in the war and in the peace talks after the war, the US made itself a much more important country in terms of world affairs.

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The United States was on the winning side in World War I. While we gained certain things from World War I, it was not the normal things one would expect by being on the winning side.

The United States got no land from World War I. This was something we made clear at the start of the war. We didn’t enter World War I to get land. We did enter the war to make the world safer for democratic governments. For a short period of time, this occurred. We defeated countries that had governments that weren’t democratically elected.

We also hoped to create an organization that would keep world peace. We wanted an organization where nations could talk about their problems instead of fighting over them. The League of Nations was created to try to prevent future conflicts. Ironically, the United States didn’t join the League of Nations due to opposition from the Senate.

Another thing we got as a result of World War I was our reputation as a world power was solidified. We were the deciding factor in World War I. It was now very clear that the United States was a strong world power. Our reputation was enhanced as a result of World War I.

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World War I led to intangible gains for the US. Although the US gained no new territories or other materialistic benefits, it gained the stature of an industrial and economic giant.

The US emerged as one of the main superpowers in terms of military strength, economic power, and industrial output after the world war. With all of Europe and Russia engulfed in war, the US was temporarily nonpartisan and was able to maintain business with all sides. With Britain putting an embargo on German supplies and increasing material needs to sustain the war, the allies looked to the US to fulfill their needs, which the US mostly did. The result was thus gaining favor and respect from the allies. 

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