What did Todd tell Bud was in the shed in the story Bud, Not Buddy?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Todd tells Bud that there are vampire bats in the shed, as well as spiders and centipedes.  He claims that "the last kid who got put in there got stung so bad he was swole up as big as a whale when (they) got him out in the morning".  When he sees that Bud does not look as frightened as he should after what he has told him, Todd adds that "the kid before that hasn't been found to this day...all that's left is (a) big puddle of his blood on the floor".  Todd looks to his mother for confirmation of his warnings, but she simply tells him to "hush up", because he will "tire (him)self out more" with all this talking.  Bud notices that she never denies the things Todd has said about vampires and centipedes and spiders and blood.

Bud is terrified to be locked in the cold, dank shed but he is determined not to give the Amoses the satisfaction of seeing his fear (Chapter 2).  Alone in the dark, Bud realizes that although the shed is cold and dirty, most likely none of the things Todd had warned about are true.  He climbs on a woodpile a sleeps for awhile, but when he awakens, he thinks he does indeed see a vampire bat hanging from the ceiling.  Taking a rake, he tries to get it before it gets him, but to his horror discovers it is not a bat at all, but a hornets' nest.  With angry hornets buzzing everywhere, Bud breaks the window of the shed and climbs out to freedom (Chapter 3).