With what did the Three-Fifths Compromise deal?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Three-Fifths Compromise dealt with the issue of slavery and if slaves would be counted in a state's population. When the writers of the Constitution were planning the new form of government, they decided that for one of the houses of Congress, representation would be based on the population of a state. Thus, the issue arose of how slaves should be counted towards a state’s population. The North believed that since slaves were considered property, they shouldn’t be counted at all. This would lower the South’s population, reducing the number of representatives the South would have in the House of Representatives. The South, on the other hand, wanted each slave to count as one person. This would increase the South’s population, giving it more representatives in the House of Representatives. A compromise was reached that was called the Three-Fifths Compromise. Every five slaves would count as three people when determining the population of a state.