What did the speaker do with the key to her room?

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On the day before the narrator moves out of the country estate, she begins tearing the yellow wallpaper from the walls in an attempt to free the trapped woman behind. At this point in the story, the narrator has completely lost touch with reality, and her psychosis is significantly affecting her perception and behavior. She no longer wants to leave the room and prefers to be by herself. The narrator proceeds to manipulate Jennie into leaving the room and throws the key onto the front path after locking the door to prevent anyone from entering. She then manages to tear all of the wallpaper off the walls and creeps around the room undisturbed.

At the end of the story, John attempts to enter the upstairs room and discovers that it is locked. When he demands that his wife open the door, the narrator informs him that the key is on the front path underneath the plantain leaf. John finally retrieves the key and is astonished at his wife's grotesque appearance when he opens the door. Immediately after opening the door, John faints, and the narrator crawls over his body.

The narrator locked the door to her room and threw the key onto the front footpath to prevent anyone from entering while she "freed" the woman behind the yellow wallpaper.

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