What did Tennessee do to make people in the town hunt for him?

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Tennessee is a serial gambler and con artist. He's always getting into mischief of one kind or another. Though like most con artists he has a winning personality which draws people to him. Even when he runs off with his partner's bride, his partner still forgives him, warmly shaking Tennessee's hand as he returns after the bride has run off with someone else.

But the folks of Sandy Bar are not quite so forgiving. They suspect Tennessee of being a thief; not just a thief, but a highwayman. One day he waylays a stranger on his way to Red Dog. After Tennessee detains him with a few witty anecdotes, Tennessee suddenly brandishes a pistol and demands the stranger's gun, money, and knife. When the folk of Sandy Bar hear about this, they are furious and immediately set out to hunt down Tennessee.

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