What did it take to defeat the aggressive world powers during WWII?

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Basically, it took all of World War II to defeat the aggressive powers (I assume that you mean Germany and Japan here).  More narrowly, it took the mobilization of all of the industrial resources of the United States, along with manpower from the US and from Great Britain and the Soviet Union (in particular).  The Allies also contributed industrial resources, but those of the US were most important.

So, the aggressive powers were only defeated by the combined industrial and human resources of the Allied powers.

Most importantly, it took the loss of millions of lives to defeat the Axis -- these were the most important costs of the war.

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Defeat of the Axis powers during WWII took the perseverance and tenacity of the British people lead by Churchill; the manpower of the Russian people; and the industrial might and production of America.  It took the blood of millions of people.  It took the cooperation of opposed political philosophies: the totalitarian Soviet Russia and the liberal democracies of U.K. and U.S.  It took the protection that the English channel provided to Britain until U.S. came into the war.  It took the entrance of U.S. into the war motivated by the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.  The great industrial capacity of the U.S. supplied ships, tanks, trucks, railroad engines, airplanes, and more to Britain and Russia.

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