What did Suyuan Woo leave with her twin baby girls on the side of the road in China? Pictures and what else?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Joy Luck Club, Suyuan Woo must leave her twin daughters on the roadside during the war because she believes that she is going to die.  She has been trying to make the journey to another town where her husband is living.  From lack of food and water and physical exertion, Suyuan has lost strength and believes that she will die on the journey.  She does not want to curse her children by dying in their presence.  So, Suyuan decides to leave the girls under a tree on the roadside, hoping that a kind stranger will rescue them and return them to their father.  With the babies, she leaves pictures, jewelry, coins, and all her worthy possessions.  She writes a note instructing the person who finds the children to return them to their father and to collect a reward from him.  So Suyuan leaves these possessions with the children to tempt a stranger and to identify them to their father.

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