Discuss Susan B. Anthony's success in the suffrage movement.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On one hand, it might be easy to dismiss Anthony's efforts as having fell short because of the lack of an amendment to the Constitution passed in her lifetime.  Yet, I think this might be an oversimplification. The fact is that Anthony was successful in triggering a change in how women were seen by society and how they saw themselves.  This transformation that happened on social and psychological levels was essential for beginning the movement to obtain women's suffrage.  Given how America was advancing from an industrial point of view, economic wealth and power became the defining elements in American society.  There was not going to be an appropriation of more voice in the American social discourse unless individuals like Anthony were present to force the issue to be openly discussed.  In this, Anthony was successful as her advocacy was tireless and driven by a need to bring more people to understand the greater implications of the issue in denying women's suffrage.  Through her writings and speaking, Anthony was able to bring about a great deal of success in the movement.  This ended up making her quite valuable to the cause for women to start to demand change out of their societies as well as in their own senses of self.  It is here where I think that Anthony can be seen as extremely successful in the suffrage movement.

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