What did Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany have in common? 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Even though Hitler was extremely opposed to communism, his Nazi regime in Germany had a great deal in common with Stalin’s communist regime in the Soviet Union.  Both were totalitarian systems with real cults of personality at their tops.  Both were also murderous and brutal.

Both of these regimes were totalitarian.  This means that they tried to control their people in every way that they could manage.  For example, both regimes tried to change people’s religious views.  The Soviets essentially banned religion.  The Nazis tried as hard as they could to discredit it and to discourage people from adhering to Christian faiths. 

Both regimes were based around cults of personality.  Soldiers in Nazi Germany had to take oaths of allegiance to Hitler.  Of course, people were encouraged to greet one another by saying “Heil Hitler.”  In Russia, Stalin was presented as everyone’s father and protector.  Of course, neither of these men was elected or otherwise freely chosen by the people.

Finally, both of these regimes were horribly brutal.  Hitler’s regime is one of the most infamous in history because of the Holocaust.  Stalin’s regime was not much less murderous.  Stalin was willing to cause the deaths of millions of people in pursuit of his own economic and political ideas.  He, like Hitler, consigned huge numbers of people to death or to concentration camps.

Thus, there was really very little difference between these two.

sceptic | Student

Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST Workers Party. They were Socialists. Politically, with their hatred of the rich, they had a LOT in common with the Communists. Someone once asked Hitler why, as a Socialist, he was cosying up to the likes of Siemens and Krups. The answer- when the time comes, they too will be made to comply. He was going to double cross them when the time was right. It is much easier to walk in to the CEO's office with a few gun toting goons, hold a gun to his head and say "you will comply or your brains will be all over the Picasso on the wall" than deal with several million small businesses. The Left often have violent quarrels over minor differences, especially who will be the leader. If you look at what effectively happens in a so-called Fascist state and a Communist one, they are basically the same. Both have the leader on the top with excessive power and the day to day management by the cronies of the Party. Both had the same desire to kill their own people- one group at a time.

Funny how regimes that classify themselves as Socialist are almost invariably anything BUT sociable. You can hardly classify genocidally wiping out whole sections of ones own people as social behavior.

Interestingly, after the war, ex Nazis and Communists joined the Green movement. The Nazis were actually very green-they loved nature and animals, but hated humans. this was supressed for fear of ridicule. Even more interesting, the Green movement has infiltrated the UN. 

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