What did the Spanish call Tenotchtitlan? Why?Please watch the following short movie about Aztec Civilization of South America (about 10 minutes)...

What did the Spanish call Tenotchtitlan? Why?

Please watch the following short movie about Aztec Civilization of South America (about 10 minutes)


william1941 | Student

When the Spanish came to Tenochtitlan, they called it the Venice of the Americas. It was a very large city and was exceeded in size only by Paris, Venice and Constantinople. The city had large buildings, a great infrastructure crisscrossed by canals that provided a means of transportation.

There were five lakes that had been interconnected and dikes built to keep the sea water out. There were bridges that interconnected the lakes and served many other important purposes.

There were large marketplaces, the biggest of which had over 40,000 people trading every day.

The impressive masonry made Tenochtitlan a city that was admired by the Spanish conquers who found it matching in stature to the largest cities in Europe.

melinserv | Student

I'm sorry... My previous post is wrong.

Tenochtitlan sat where Mexico City is today.  There are ruins that you can visit that you can get to from the Xocalo in Mexico City.  Look for the Templo Mayor. 

Its name comes from the Nahuatl language.   
tetl ("rock")
nochtli = ("prickly pear")
and means "Among the prickly pears [growing among] rocks"

Name source from widipedia


melinserv | Student

First off, spell it right... LOL     Tenochtitlan

It is an area north of Mexico City that was a fully functional city about 2000 years ago.  It is a place where you can now visit to see the ruins.  You can even go to the top of the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. 

An amazing place.  Worth the trip.

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