What did the shooting star signify to the Egypt game players?

Expert Answers
teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the story, the Egypt game players see the shooting star as the secret omen they have been looking for. 

As Halloween approaches, the Egypt game players become obsessed with the idea of making a return to Egypt. Because a little girl went missing and was eventually found dead in the marshland, parents have been keeping a closer watch on their children. As a result, Melanie, Elizabeth, April, and Marshall have not been able to make trips to Egypt.

On Halloween, the children see a shooting star and interpret that as a sign that they are being called back to Egypt. Melanie and April initially hide their plans from Elizabeth, as she tends to worry about engaging in activities without parental permission. Interestingly, it is Melanie who has reservations about going back to Egypt, after she has had time to think about the plan.

On the night the neighborhood children go trick-or-treating, however, Melanie gets into the spirit of the game. All four children cannot wait to return to Egypt, and their resolve is strengthened when they see the shooting star.