What did Sheila write on the report that Peter and Jimmy didn't like in Judy Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?

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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is a first-person account by a young boy, Peter Hatcher, of the episodic events of his life which predominately involve his younger brother, Fudge, interfering and ruining things in one way or another.

Chapter 7, "The Flying Train Committee", begins without intrusion from Fudge, instead focusing upon Peter's interaction with some of his classmates from school. He has been assigned a committee project, in which he and two other students will work together to create a twenty-page report and presentation. Peter is paired with his friend Jimmy, as well as a bossy know-it-all named Sheila, who considers herself the superior member of the group (mostly because, in Peter's opinion, she is a girl).

Sheila cuts a deal with the boys; they will write 5 pages each, and work on the poster, while Sheila will write 10 pages. This seems like a good bargain, except that Sheila is never satisfied with anyone else's work and is constantly inserting her comments and corrections into everything they do.

Perhaps most offensively, Sheila wrote her name on the front of the report, without including Peter or Jimmy; regardless of whether they all worked on the project, this gives the impression that Sheila was its creator. The boys find this insulting and belittling of their efforts, especially considering that they are actually trying to do their jobs, and it is only Sheila's inability to cooperate that causes her to be dissatisfied with their contributions.

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