What did Scout realize after the fire was out? How did it get there?

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In Chapter 8 of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Miss Maudie’s house catches on fire in the middle of the night. Atticus wakes Jem and Scout up, and tells them to stand in the Radley’s yard at a safe distance from the fire. It has been an unusually cold winter in Maycomb, and Scout is freezing while she stands in the yard watching the neighbors attempt to save Maudie’s furniture. The next morning while Atticus is making Jem and Scout hot chocolate he notices that Scout is wrapped in  a “brown woolen blanket.” Scout and Jem have no idea how it got there. Atticus says, “Looks like all of Maycomb was out tonight, in one way or another.”  (8.95) Atticus tells Scout that Boo Radley placed the blanket on her when she was busy watching the fire. Scout nearly throws up when she is told this. All she had to do was turn around and she would have been face to face with Boo Radley.

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