What did Scout learn from each of the following characters? Boo Radley, Tom Robinson, Miss Maudie, Aunt Alexandra, Calpurnia, Mrs. Dubose, Mayella Ewell and Atticus.

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BOO RADLEY.  From Boo, Scout learns that rumors and gossip are not always true, and that people are not always what they seem. 

TOM ROBINSON.  Scout discovers that Tom, a poor crippled Negro, is far more honest and humble than the Ewells who accuse him and the jurors who convict him.  

MISS MAUDIE.  Scout learns many things about her father from Maudie--that he was the "deadest shot in the county," a man to whom people in the town relied upon, and that he was born to do people's dirty work for them.  

AUNT ALEXANDRA.  Scout learns that Aunt Alexandra's ideas about heredity, "Fine Folks" and "gentle breeding" don't seem to fit in with Atticus's own style of parenting.

CALPURNIA.  Scout learns that Calpurnia leads a "double life": Her behavior and language is much different in the Finch household than it is among her own people at the First Purchase Church.

MISS DUBOSE.  Through Jem and Atticus, Scout learns that Miss Dubose has a special kind of courage, unlike that of a man holding a gun.

MAYELLA EWELL.  Scout learns from Mayella's appearance and testimony in the courtroom that she must be

... the loneliest person in the world, even lonelier than Boo Radley.

ATTICUS.  Scout learns from her father about humility, the importance of going to school, and the necessity of being a good role model for his children. She also learns that innocent beings should never be harmed--

"... it's a sin to kill a mockingbird."

and about intolerance--

"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view--until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."

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