What did Sade's extended family (uncle, grandfather and foster parents) offer her in The Other Side of Truth?

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Both Uncle Tunde and Uncle Dele are supportive towards Sade and her family. Uncle Tunde aides in relocating the two children to safety in England by conniving with Mrs. Bankole to pretend the two were her children so that they can travel on her passport. He also covered Sade and her brother with blankets on the floor of the car to hide them from the police at a checkpoint and successfully ferried them to the airport to board their flight. Uncle Dele on the other hand was engaged in activities of the vocal Nigeria for Democracy group to the point that his life was under threat. He mobilized support and protestors to publicly demand the release of Sade’s father. Their push together with the broadcast that Sade had initiated earned her father a six-month visa. Her foster parents, Aunt Gracie and Uncle Roy, give Sade and Femi a home in a foreign country. Gracie and Roy take care of the two and even enroll them at school where Sade meets her close friend Mariam. The environment at the Kings is way better compared to their previous foster home, often sending Sade on nostalgic trips of home and her mother.

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