What did Rosh warn Joel about before Joel returned to the village in The Bronze Bow?

Before Joel goes down the mountain and back to the village, Rosh asks the boy if he can keep his mouth shut and his ears open. Joel replies that he can. While it seems that Rosh is warning the boy not to talk about his group, what he really wants is Joel's loyalty.

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At the beginning of Elizabeth George Speare's book The Bronze Bow, Daniel has been living on the mountain with the outlaw Rosh and his men for quite some time. One day, two other young people climb up the mountain. They are the twins Joel and Thacia. After meeting and talking with Daniel, Joel decides that he, too, would like to belong to Rosh's group, and despite Daniel's hesitancy, Joel participates in the raid the group carries out that day.

After the raid, Rosh confronts Joel and tests him. At first, Rosh seems to insist that since Joel has witnessed a raid, he must remain on the mountain. Joel refuses and insists that he won't talk about Rosh and his men. Rosh then asks if Joel is certain he wants to work for Rosh, and at Joel's affirmative, Rosh asks, “You think you know how to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut?” Joel replies with a firm yes. Rosh tells him to go to Capernaum and wait. His question has, however, implied a warning that Joel is to be silent and watch for anything that could help Rosh.

Rosh doesn't really care all that much if the people in the village know about him and what he does. They mostly know already, for he does not really try to hide his activities. What Rosh wants is Joel's loyalty, and for a while he has it, until later in the novel Joel starts to have doubts about Rosh's real motives and goals.

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