What did romi and Julio do when the devil dogs tried to bother them again at lunch 

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the Devildogs came to intimidate Romi and Julio during lunch again, Romi brought out her portable CD player and she and Julio climbed on top of the table and started dancing. This was not the first time the Devildogs were trying to intimidate the two. In fact, the gang had done the same thing a while back when its members stared at Romi and Julio over lunch. In addition to that, the same gang had accosted Julio in the bathroom and warned him to stay clear of Romi as races were not supposed to mix. The two were startled by the warnings, especially Romi, but neither of them paid heed to them. During this particular incident, the Devildogs had brought with them their leader but surprisingly, this did not intimidate Julio and Romi. As they danced away, the two could not think of anything else other than their first physical contact. Mr. Prince’s arrival helps the two make a getaway, leaving the gang behind.