What did the rock band Uriah Heep contribute to music?

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Formed in 1969 and named for a particularly colorful character from Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield, Uriah Heep emerged as one of the premier “hard rock” or “heavy metal” bands of the 1970s, alongside Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin.  Like these other bands (excepting AC/DC, which was Australian), Uriah Heep was a British group that successfully cross the Atlantic to profit from the large, lucrative American market.  As with most bands, Uriah Heep underwent a number of changes over the years with regard to band membership.    Key members of the band from its inception were guitarist Mick Box, vocalist David (Garrick) Byron, drummer Alex Napier, and keyboardist/guitarist Ken Hensley.  The group continues to tour, but Box is the only original member of the band still performing with Uriah Heep.  The band went through several bassists, with only Trevor Bolder spending a considerable amount of time with the group.  Its most influential albums were probably its debut “. . .Very ‘Eavy . . . Very ‘Umble” and “Demons and Wizards, which included the popular song “The Wizard.”