What did Richmond think about General Macarthur? Why is Richmond willing to anger his general? 

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Arthur Richmond was one of the officers under General MacArthur’s command.  The general is accused of killing Arthur Richmond on purpose.  The general initially denies it stating that it was a,

“Natural course of events in wartime.” (pg 54)

However, General MacArthur knew better, and it was keeping him awake at night.  When General MacArthur first met Arthur Richmond,

"He liked Arthur ----- he’d been damned fond of Arthur.  He’d been pleased that Leslie liked him too.” (pg 67)

Arthur Richmond liked them too. He spent a great deal of time in the company of the general and his wife, Leslie.  The general felt great that Leslie took a “motherly” interest in Arthur.  But the fact of the matter was that Arthur was twenty-eight years old and Leslie was twenty-nine.  Far from a “motherly” age.  They began an affair.  Both Leslie and Arthur kept the affair a secret out of respect for the general.  Unfortunately, the general found out because Leslie placed a letter to Arthur in an envelope addressed to the general. 

Arthur had a respect for the general, but he was in love with Leslie.  That was the reason he was willing to anger the general, and anger the general he did.  The general sent him on a mission that

 “Only a miracle could have brought him through unhurt.” (pg 68)

He still went, and he died.  That is why the general is now being accused of murder.

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