What was the focus of the Renaissance?

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mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Renaissance was a form of rebirth. People were moving out of the dark ages and becoming more aware of things. The focus of the Renaissance was a time of great works of art and literature.

With the translations of the Bible becoming more available, people were now able to study and understand the Bible. It opened the doors for people to think for themselves, instead of having to rely on the church to tell them what was right or not. Literature was becoming more important, as well, thanks again to the translations. The classics of Greece and Rome, were now being able to be read by the everyday person. The Renaissance also brought about the great works of art, that we still have today. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael are the most famous artists to come out of the Renaissance. Their works of art shows us what the people of this time were focused on.

This was the beginning of what people now call, humanism. This act is the thought of your own person. People were beginning to enjoy their lives, instead of just thinking that this was just a stopping point on the way to heaven. Humanism was the start of people caring about each other as well. They now had a sense of what was important. They cared for themselves and their neighbors. Even though there was a great wonder of the classics in literature and art, people were now starting to look towards the future. 

Looking back at the Renaissance, we can see how this time in history has affected us today. The great pieces of literature, the beautiful pieces of art and the philosophical works that came out of this era, resonates in our lives today. We can still enjoy what the people worked so hard for. The major focus of the Renaissance was humanism, art and literature, which is still alive and working today. 

ssandhu05 | Student

The Renaissance period was a time of rebirth, or the revival of things that were considered needed during that time, especially since Europe was coming out of the Dark Ages. Many different areas were impacted because of the effects of the Renaissance. For example, since Europe had started opening up, their navies, travel, and trading had all improved. Not only this, but globalization was huge for Europe as well. This example shows an effort in improvement.

In art and literature, the rich were seeing more of art itself within their homes. Beauty was everything during the Renaissance, the revival or rebirth of art from the coming out of the Dark Ages.

ashmit | Student

Renaissance literly means rebirth but in 14th century it was revival of learning . It was an age when people became interested to read the vlassics auther . So the out look of life had been changed.people had patriotism